Tuesday, 18 September 2018

I only popped in for a coffee.

When the fruit of the coffee plant – the coffee cherry – is ripe and ready for picking, it goes a vivid red. Each cherry contains two coffee beans, each are harvested, dried and roasted. Roasting is an essential stage that allows the aroma, colour and taste of the coffee to develop. As the beans are heated changes occur in the colour and aroma of the bean as aromatic oils are released that brings out the coffee’s flavour, the longer the roast the darker the beans and stronger the coffee. 

1 comment:

  1. ooooO! Yes! I've said before, mia Mama used to
    buy coffee beans, and put them in a frying pan
    to roast, well, to darken really, as we Sicilians
    love our coffee..good and strong..!

    This Sunday l have nine friends for a birthday
    dinner, so l shall be using that Brasilian Single
    Origin l won last time on your competition!
    And, a nice vintage port to go with it..! :).

    It was nice meeting you last Saturday..I do
    love going to Wimborne, it's very much a favourite
    place of mine..Hope you had a good day..!