Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Coffee keeps me going until it’s time for wine.

Especially on Fridays, oh and on Saturdays mm Sundays as well then maybe Wednesdays or/and a Monday ok Thursday - hic


  1. You do lead me on.....

    Wine Bibber
    I would rather drink than eat,
    And though I superbly sup,
    Food, I feel, can never beat
    Delectation of the cup.
    Wine it is that crowns the feast;
    Fish and fowl and fancy meat
    Are of my delight the least:
    I would rather drink than eat.

    Though no Puritan I be,
    And have doubts of Kingdom Come,
    With those fellows I agree
    Who deplore the Demon Rum.
    Gin and brandy I decline,
    And I shy at whisky neat;
    But give me rare vintage wine,--
    Gad! I'd rather drink than eat.

    Robert Service...

  2. "The Bard of the Yukon" very good - I had to look him up - interesting.