Thursday, 5 October 2017

Starbucks plans for the Cold Coffee Market

Have you heard of such a thing – next there will be a space station in the galaxy – Starbucks have released cold coffee on tap.

Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz recognized the rapid and ongoing escalation of the multimillion dollar cold coffee market. Unveiled last year Starbucks have revitalised the hot coffee beverage with their ‘cold bar’ concept. They have already in 2015 tapped into the cold coffee market by brewing coffee over ice, this next project unveiled in select Starbucks stores throughout the United States, takes it onto another level with the ‘nitro cold brew’.

The drink — in which coffee is kegged, kept cold and infused with nitrogen as it is tapped to create a Guinness-like texture.

It’s apparently not new Stumptown coffee roasters from Seattle took the lead in introducing a canned version of the beverage, a step that took Guinness decades to initiate.

 “For over 40 years we have perfected the craft of roasting and brewing the finest hot coffee, and while we have always offered our customers new options in cold coffee, nothing will compare to the pace of flavour, craft and brewing innovation we will see in the next few years,” Schultz said. “The opportunity to create an entirely new cold coffee experience is limitless and our customers are already telling us that they want to meet us on this journey as cold coffee is now becoming a go-to drink.”

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  1. HeHe! Oh! My! Goodness! Arrrrgh!
    I~HATE~STARBUCKS...Only been in one, that was
    in Dorchester, when they opened up, after taking
    over the old Post Office..some years ago now!
    I had one hell of a row in their...Why..?
    I asked for a spoon..They don't give you spoons, only those silly stick things! May of changed now but, l could'nt believe it!
    Coffee was cold, so, l walked out...
    If l go anywhere it's Costa...usually Wimborne, or here in Blandford...Well, l have
    £47 on my Costa it has to be spent!
    Saluti...! Godere del vostro caffe..! :).