Tuesday, 26 September 2017


‘Caer Urfa Arabica Blend’ – a unique blend of coffee hand roasted to perfection.
How to play
Answer the 10 questions below correctly and you could win
250g bag of Caer Urfa’s Arabica Blend – wow!!
Write to us with your answers to www.caerurfacoffee.co.uk – found on our web page
With your Name / address (for delivery) / and stipulate beans or ground
We assure you that you will not receive any advertising from us except maybe a Christmas card.
Competition runs until the 16th October 2017
To view our T&C’s please visit www.caerurfacoffee.co.uk – coffee notes – Promotion / Competition T&C’s
Question 1
What language did the word 'coffee' evolve from?
Question 2
Who was the inventor of instant coffee in 1901?
Question 3
In the 17th century, France met and was charmed by coffee. Who was responsible for the introduction of the beverage in France?
Question 4
Grown primarily in a two-mile strip of land on an island, this uncommon ground is commonly worshipped as "kona." From which "big island" does this coffee waft?
Question 5
The international growth of coffee consumption is usually attributed to Arab influence spreading it throughout the Ottoman Empire to Europe, thence to Indonesia and the Americas during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In what country are coffee plants thought to have originated?
Question 6
What European people were responsible for introducing coffee to the European market?
Question 7
What color is a ripe coffee bean?
Question 8
In 1907, one country was recorded as producing 97% of the total world production of coffee. Which country was it?
Question 9
Coffee is greatly affected by the area in which it is grown and some varieties are more exceptional than others. With that in mind where would the blend called 'Blue Mountain' hail from?
Question 10
We all know that coffee is made from coffee beans. What kind of plant produces coffee beans?
Is it
1. Deciduous trees
2. Evergreen shrubs
3. Vines
4. Palm trees
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  1. I see the competition can only be entered
    by Facebook...Why?
    What's wrong via e~mail...Though l can't
    find yours anywhere...! :(.

    1. Hi Willie - if you go to our web site www.caerurfacoffee.co.uk at the bottom is a contact tab - that where you can return your answers - we hope this was of some help.

  2. Yep! Great! Found it...
    Very kind...Grazie..! :).