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Caer Urfa Coffee Company

Coffee that’s

Roasted in Dorset

Here at Caer Urfa we strive to bring out by roasting the best that coffee has to offer so you the customer can enjoy.

We at Caer Urfa hand roast each order individually so that you can enjoy the freshest coffee that tastes like the grower intended.

Hi there, this is a message to the owners of farm shops and delicatessens who sell a variety of high quality, local produce, at a reasonable price, to customers who enjoy and appreciate the time and effort you have gone through to guarantee they receive real value for money, so to ensure they the customer comes back time after time.

We at Caer Urfa are very much aware that coffee products on your shelves aren’t exactly flying out of your establishment but you still want to sell coffee because it is still a commodity people want.

So what’s the difference between our Caer Urfa Coffee and the rest and why would you want our products on your shelf.

To understand the difference we have to first explain how other larger coffee company’s produce their coffee.

As you are probably aware some of the big names in the coffee industry include Nescafe, Maxwell House or Douwe Egberts, and also Lavazza, Illy as well as Costa and Starbucks.

Nescafe, Maxwell House and Douwe Egberts are producers of instant coffees, through various manufacturing processes the coffee is dehydrated into the form of powder or granules. These can be rehydrated with hot water to provide a drink similar (though not identical) to conventional coffee, enabling it to have a longer shelf life that is convenient and easy to make. These consist in most cases of the cheaper Robusta coffees maybe sometimes Arabica if it is so displayed on the container. Instant coffee differs in make-up and taste from ground coffee, in particular, the percentage of caffeine in instant coffee is less, and the bitter flavour components are more evident.

As for Lavazza and Illy as well as Costa and Starbucks coffees these consist of a blend or mixture of coffees usually using Arabica beans from various areas of the world that are roasted to a high level so in fact you taste the roast whether that roast level is an Italian, Vienna or French, rather than the origin of the coffee, this also helps to ensure in some cases consistency, and indeed a few of these taste very nice.

We in the UK as you probably know aren’t a coffee producing country that is we don’t grow coffee beans, we just don’t have the right climate or soil type the coffee tree/bushes prefer and as for the Arabica beans an elevation of greater than 1300m and although the Robusta type beans prefer the lower elevations we still don’t have the combination that is required, all of which are usually found between the Tropics.

However like most European countries we can import such commodities and roast them. In some cases over decades some countries have developed a roast that they prefer and commercialized upon, so we get the infamous Italian roast or Turkish roast or French Roast. These roasts refer to the type or level the beans have been roasted and not to the origin of the beans.

So why are we different?

We are known as a micro roaster so roast small batches to order so to ensure freshness of the cup.

We stop the roast process shortly after what is known as the first crack where the beans have been caramelized and are slowly roasted to a lighter roast; this ensures a more favorable cup where you taste the flavour of the origin of the bean rather than the level of roast.

Our coffees are mostly of single origin having bought the green beans directly from the farmer or cooperative, via our merchant who ensures they have been sought at a fair price so making sure fair trade conditions are applied.

The farmers or cooperatives who have produced these beans have carefully over years looked after their plantations however small or large and nurtured them so to eventually harvest and produce a crop viable for exporting and which when roasted produce an excellent cup of coffee. Guaranteeing ethical practices are carried out to enhance both the sustainability and environmental aspects of their area for continued growth.

Like you we fall into the criteria of selling a high quality product that is produced fresh and local here in Dorset, at a reasonable price, to customers who enjoy and appreciate the time and effort we have gone through to guarantee they receive real value for money, so to ensure them the customer comes back time after time.

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