Saturday, 27 February 2010

farm shops and delicatessens

Being based in Bournemouth we would like to introduce ourselves to you as your local supplier of freshly roasted coffees.

We at Caer Urfa are passionate about our coffee and believe by roasting in small batches and to order ensures that you the customer receive your coffee as fresh as possible and so that your customers enjoy the best flavours that coffee has to offer.

All coffees have a different roasting profile so by roasting by hand and using our training and experience we can manipulate this profile to roast the beans to their individual optimum level where we believe the flavours of that batch will be at its best, by doing so we encapsulate the taste and sense of the origin of the coffee.

Our coffees are ethically sourced direct from the farmers to our merchant here in the UK who ensures only the best quality beans are purchased and at a fair price for both farmers and merchants.

At present we sell on line and at local farmers markets, and are expanding our business to cater for the needs of local farm shops and delicatessens. If you wish to enquire further, or are interested in having a free sample or indeed wish to make a purchase please do contact us via our website contact page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page, ( or by emailing us at

Our coffees come in 250g bags that are specially adapted with a valve to ensure the freshness is kept in and the gases produced when roasting are allowed to escape. Our coffees can be supplied already ground for cafeteria or filter machine use or if you require as whole beans.

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