Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Tastes of the World
International coffee regions tend to share similar tastes, aromas, and other characteristics. Here are the major regions of the coffee world classified into four groups: Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia.
Central America
Central American coffees are generally light-bodied (the body refers to the thickness or feeling in the mouth). These coffees actually feel 'lighter' in your mouth than the heavier Indonesian coffees. They are usually said to have a crisp or bold taste, which refers to the somewhat sharp punch of Central American coffees and relatively high acidity. Some examples include:
• El Salvador Finca Suiza
• Costa Rica La Lia Tarrazu
South America
South American countries tend to have slightly heavier bodies than Central American coffee, with slightly peculiar aromas and overtones. They share the same crisps bold taste, and generally still share the high acidity. Some examples include:
• Colombia La Esperanza
• Brazil Santos Coffee
• Brazil BSCA Fortaleza natural
The origin place of all coffee, Africa’s coffee is quiet exceptional with sweet, fruity, spicy, and exotic flavors. This coffee is often sought for its unique aromas and over tones, however those new to flavors may find some of them odd-tasting. The only way to really get a feel of them is to try them, and some examples include:
• Kenya Gethumbwini Estate AA
• Ethiopia Washed Sidamo
Indonesian coffee has a long finish, very heavy body, full flavor, and low acidity. The coffee grown here is highly prized for its taste and smooth finish.
• Indonesia Lake Toba
• Indonesia Java Jampit
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