Saturday, 18 July 2009

Brasil BSCA
Flavour profile: A sweet and creamy cup, with chocolate and nutty undertones. Price £3.70

Brazil BSCA Fortaleza natural
Flavour profile: A medley of soft citrus and dark cocoa notes with medium to full body and soft acidity taste. Price £3.40

Brazil CO2 natural decaffeinated blend
Flavour profile: Creamy good body and balanced. Price £5.30

Kenya, Gethumbwini Estate, AA
Flavour profile: A supreme full blackcurrant, fruity taste with a wonderful aroma that resonates across the spectrum of the palate. Price £5.08

Colombia La Esperanza
Flavour profile: A rich but pungent coffee, fruity with hints of lemon and a flowery aroma, which has an integrated acidity but sweet taste. Price £3.70

Costa Rico, Finca la lia
Flavour profile: Very clean, bright and lively cup with a note of chocolate and a very desirable acidity taste that coats the whole mouth. Price £3.75

Indonesia Java Jampit
Flavour profile: Long lingering full bodied after taste, with a complex bittersweet chocolate and spice flavor. Price £4.30

Indonesia Lake Toba
Flavour profile: Fruity tones with grapefruit, lime and blackberry, also tobacco and green pepper. Price £3.80

Ethiopian, Sidamo
Flavour profile: A fabulous fragrant and floral cup with unusual blueberry tones Sidamo has a pleasant tangy flavour with a deep, rich, earthy but syrupy body and finish. Price £3.40

El Salvador Finca Suiza
Flavour profile: A rich sweet and bright clean finish with a creamy, vanilla body contributes to the smooth cup and the long lingering finish. Price £5.95

Caer Urfa continental blend
Flavour profile: pungent dark chocolate note. Price £3.00

Caer Urfa smooth blend
Flavour profile: Bittersweet pungent dark chocolate note. Price £3.00

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