Sunday, 19 August 2018

We are now trading in the monthly farmers market in the square at Wimborne Minster, a town that takes its name for the church at its heart called the Minster Church of St. Cuthburga. As we are learning about our new location we thought we would share some of our research with you.
Wimborne Minster is a town well worth a visit. For hundreds of years the Minster has been a centre for pilgrimage, prayer and worship. It contains some wonderful treasures and artifacts within an ancient building. It is located in the middle of the town centre with its two towers visible as you enter the Wimborne. The present building dates from c.1120 with many additions spanning the centuries
The foundation goes back to c.705AD when Cuthburga, sister to Ina, King of the West Saxons, founded a nunnery on the site.500 nuns are reputed to have lived at Wimborne, many of whom followed St. Boniface to the then pagan Germany, as missionaries. The Nunnery was destroyed by the Danes in 1013 but an old Saxon Chest still remains in the Minster today.
Education has always been a priority. Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry V11 founded a school at Wimborne Minster in 1497 and her parents tomb is in the church.
A Chained Library was established in 1695 although the first books were donated in 1686. The Chained Library, one of only four in the country, is open to the public from Easter to the end of October most weekdays.

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  1. I~LOVE~WIMBORNE...More than the town
    l live in..Blandford..!
    Wimborne is a lovely town to visit, and
    shop in...and for a small town, it has
    a variety of shops to choose from, and
    is more active than most towns in the
    county...I love the place..! :).

    Oh! I did see a couple of Nuns earlier
    in the year there..must be the last ones
    to follow St Boniface..! :o).
    Seriously though, some of history of some
    of the towns is amazing...!