Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Kopi Joss

Recently I was having a coffee with an Indonesia friend, and he mentions that in his home town of Yogyakarta they put a piece of burning charcoal in their coffee. As it had to do with coffee, he had my interest.

He explained this innovation isn’t usually found in your up market coffee establishments but typically served in side of the road stalls.

Apparently invented by a local coffee stall owner back in the 1960s, it helped him deal with a troubled stomach. The belief is that adding a piece of hot charcoal in the coffee helps neutralize its acidity. Other claimed health benefits include it can help alleviate bloating, nausea, heartburn and even diarrhoea.

So how does my friend make it: its ground coffee and three/four spoonful’s of sugar in a glass, add boiling water and mix. Then comes the magic ingredient using tongs a lump of red-hot charcoal is dropped in, this causes the coffee to bubble. When cooled, do remember to take out the charcoal before drinking and all being well you will have an enjoyable cuppa coffee.

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  1. Yes! I have heard of this..something that has and is done in Sicily..Probably in southern Italy as well..I've also made it here at home at my annual Barby..HeHe! just to show off..! :).
    But people do drink it..!

    If you did want to make yourself a funky coffee though and give it a few more health benefits, you could consider adding Turmeric. This is a trend, but unlike the charcoal, this one is actually on-the-mark. Not only is Turmeric Neuroprotective (as is caffeine)..due to its inclusion of Curcumin.

    AND YES! Always remove the charcoal..otherwise you'll end up with a boil at the end of yer nose! Sniff! Sniff! :o).