Saturday, 24 February 2018

‘Caer Urfa Coffee’ – artisan coffee that’s roasted to perfection.

Thank you all for taking part in our Promotion/Competition – The winner will be announced later today

1. What was coffee first known in Europe as?
Arabian Wine

2. Which of the following countries ranks in the top ten worldwide in per capita coffee consumption?

3. Who took his coffee mixed with champagne and mustard?
Frederick the Great

By any standards, this was an eccentric habit, but apparently it didn't harm him.

4. What famous London insurance company started as a coffee house?
Lloyd's of London

Edward Lloyd's Coffeehouse opened in 1688. Coffee houses became the place to socialize and certain occupations tended to congregate at certain coffee houses.

5. What event caused Americans to start drinking coffee instead of tea?
Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was the American response to the British tax on tea. A bunch of men, dressed up like Indians dumped crates of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax. It became patriotic to drink coffee after that.

6. In New Orleans, what is commonly added to coffee to make it last longer?

Louisiana was originally a French Colony. During the French Civil War, coffee was scarce, so chicory was added, to stretch the coffee and to decrease the bitterness. Cafe du Monde in New Orleans is known for its various coffee blends with chicory.

7. If you ask for a 'latte' in Italy, you won't get coffee. What will you get instead?
8. What is the name attributed to the Ethiopian goatherd who supposedly discovered coffee?

According to legend, he discovered it after he noticed his goats becoming frantic after eating the coffee beans.

9. What are the three most popular commercial coffee beans?
Arabica, Liberia, and Robusta

10. Country of Origin: Turkey
Ingredients: Ground coffee, cold water, (?) mystery ingredient
Turkish coffee begins with finely ground coffee and cold water, then boiled in a "cezve". Sugar can be added during the process, but isn't always. One last ingredient is often added; what type of seedy spice is it?

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice by weight, after saffron and pure vanilla, making it a more prestigious preparation when considering Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee has a long tradition in many countries, but is slowly being replaced by other hot beverages, such as tea

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