Wednesday, 31 January 2018

‘Caer Urfa Coffee’ – artisan coffee that’s roasted to perfection.
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The winner of the competition chooses from a range of coffees that's on our web site
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Go to ‘’ and choose.
Write to us with your answers to – found on our web page 
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We assure you that you will not receive any advertising from us except maybe a Christmas card.
Competition runs until the 24th February 2018
There will be only one winner
In the event of more than one player completing all the questions correctly, the winner will be selected at random
The winner will receive one bag of 250g of Caer Urfa Coffee of their choice
The winner will be announced shortly after the 24th February (Only if he or she wishes to be named on our facebook/web page/blog)
The Caer Urfa coffee management will make the final decision

1. What was coffee first known in Europe as?
a. Arabian Tea
b. Arabian Brandy
c. Arabian Sin
d. Arabian Wine

2. Which of the following countries ranks in the top ten worldwide in per capita coffee consumption?
a. United Kingdom
b. Argentina
c. Russia
d. Iceland

3. Who took his coffee mixed with champagne and mustard?
a. George Washington
b. Louis XIV
c. Frederick the Great
d. Kaiser Wilhelm

4. What famous London insurance company started as a coffee house?
a. Harrods
b. Fortnum and Mason
 c. Abercrombie and Fitch
d. Lloyd's of London

5. What event caused Americans to start drinking coffee instead of tea?
a. Boston Tea Party
b. World War II
c. World War I
d. Civil War

6. In New Orleans, what is commonly added to coffee to make it last longer?
 a. Chickpeas
 b. Chicory
c. Water
d. Cinnamon

7. If you ask for a 'latte' in Italy, you won't get coffee. What will you get instead?
 a. wine
 b. tea
 c. milk
 d. the check

8. What is the name attributed to the Ethiopian goatherd who supposedly discovered coffee?
 a. Kelasah
 b. Kalmah
 c. Kaldi
 d. Kadas

9. What are the three most popular commercial coffee beans?
a. Arabica, Liberia, and Robusta
b. Arabica, Kinta, and Melina
c. Arabica, Kashimira, and Sauda
d. Arabica, Pacifica, and Zesta

10. Country of Origin: Turkey
Ingredients: Ground coffee, cold water, (?) mystery ingredient
Turkish coffee begins with finely ground coffee and cold water, then boiled in a "cezve". Sugar can be added during the process, but isn't always. One last ingredient is often added; what type of seedy spice is it?
a.       Vanilla
b.      Lotus
c.       Sesame

d.      Cardamom

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