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3rd December 2010
Couple Celebrates Love of Coffee One Year On...
Bournemouth-based coffee-lovers and entrepreneurs David and Susan recently celebrated the first anniversary of their micro-business, Caer Urfa Coffee Company (which is Celtic for ‘town on the hill’). After investing several thousand pounds in their state-of-the art coffee roasting machine imported from Turkey, and passing ‘barista’ and coffee roasting courses at the London School of Coffee, the local couple now imports high quality green coffee beans from around the world. They then hand-roast the beans to order for freshness and deliver them locally to delis and farm shops, as well as selling them at local farmers markets and nationally from orders off their website.
Co-founder of Caer Urfa Coffee Company and previous owner of a coffee shop in Bournemouth, David said ‘our coffee beans are very different to those you can buy in the supermarkets as our hand-roasting process enhances the individual flavour of the bean, rather than the roast being the predominant taste. Our beans are ethically sourced and the majority of our ranges are of single origin for the purest flavour – they’re imported as green beans from coffee growing countries around the world including Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil and even India or Indonesia. My particular favourite is from Ethiopia, as it has such a rich, smooth, intense flavour. At the moment, we’re selling a lot of quality coffee packs as Christmas presents, although the coffee beans may come in handy for post-new year hangovers, too! Once people try our coffee, they can taste the difference compared to supermarket coffee straight away – we have a lot of repeat customers.’
Co-founder of Caer Urfa Coffee Company Susan added ‘We’d love to expand our business by developing our online coffee bean sales further. We have also recently developed our own new blend, which we are looking to sell to local coffee shops and restaurants. We also aim to move into bigger premises further down the line. We’re currently working with a local agency to re-brand and will be revealing our new-look logo soon, too. It’s exciting times for us.’
The coffees range from £3-5 plus p&p per 250gsm pack. For more information, go to

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